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PCAARRD Banner Programs

Strategic Research and Development (R&D) is the formative banner program, setting the trend for other S&T activities through its three components, namely: R&D agenda, development and maintenance of R&D information systems, and packaging of science-based information materials.


  • R&D Agenda
    The R&D agenda of the crops, livestock and forestry sectors were basically derived from 10 Industry Strategic Plans (ISPs) crafted by PCARRD in collaboration with the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST). The ISPs are for the following industry clusters: export fruit crops, vegetables, legumes and root crops, coffee and abaca, coconut and oil palm, ornamentals, rice and white corn, sugarcane, swine-poultry-yellow corn, pasture-ruminants, and forestry.

    The initial ISP-derived R&D agenda in AFNR were presented to various stakeholders during a series of participatory consultations undertaken from May to October 2006 throughout the Philippines. The various concerns and interests of the stakeholders from the 14 regional consortia were integrated into the initial document.

    The final integrated R&D agenda includes 31 specific commodities under the 10 industry clusters across 14 geographical regions. Implementation of the R&D agenda is expected to generate 101 products ranging from planting materials to ecotourism sites that cater to the particular needs of the five thematic program areas. The 31 commodities are further classified into major and minor commodities based on the regional interest and product niches. A commodity is recognized as major when six or more consortia have expressed commitment to support and carry out the commodity's R&D activities. Minor commodities are those included in the regional R&D agenda of less than six consortia.
  • Development and maintenance of R&D information systems
    PCARRD will continue to provide timely, reliable and relevant data and information to its clients and beneficiaries. Particularly, it will provide information related to the generation and dissemination of technologies and products envisioned to be attained by 2010. Development and maintenance of needed information systems will be the major support activities.
  • Packaging of science-based information materials
    Information and technologies generated by the R&D programs and activities will continue to be disseminated to appropriate users in usable form and format.