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PCARRD seals 2007 RDA-PCARRD Work

Mission accomplished!

To continually fulfill its mandate in resource generation, and strengthen ties with partner institutions engaged in science and technology, PCARRD, led by its Executive Director Dr. Patricio Faylon together with Director for Planning and Development Dr. Leah Buendia made a five-day visit at the International Technical Cooperation Center – Rural Development Administration (ITCC-RDA) in Suwon, South Korea last January 15-19. 

The two PCARRD officials met with RDA Administrator In-Sik Kim and ITCC Director Je-Kyu Kim to firm up and sign the 2007 RDA-PCARRD Work Plan of Cooperation. The said work plan marks the 12th year of collaborative activities with RDA. It includes areas  on the Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program, Applied Communication Experts Program, Exchange Scientists Mission Program, and the English Training Course Program.

During the consultative meeting, a critical assessment of the areas under each program was undertaken. In the said assessment, both agencies – RDA and PCARRD –identified their needs and agreed to work for the benefit of each party. Some of the agreements made are as follows:

PCARRD Executive Director Dr. Patricio Faylon (left) discusses with RDA Administrator, Mr. In-Sik Kim. 

Dr. Patricio Faylon and Dr. Leah Buendia (center) with RDA Officials and Filipino post-doctoral fellows at the newly constructed Genetic Resources Building of ITCC-RDA. 

  • Standardization of requirements and privileges for Philippine experts under the Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program;
  • Standardization of requirements and privileges for Philippine experts under the Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program;
  • Prolonged collaboration under the Applied Communication Experts Program for better information and technology sharing;
  • Submission of list of experts and itinerary of travel of both agencies under the Exchange Scientists Mission Program;
  • Performance evaluation of post-doctoral fellows and applied communication experts; and
  • Intensification of the English Training Course Program for which RDA committed $20,000 additional fund.

Dr. Faylon and Dr. Buendia also checked on the progress of the research work being done by Filipino post-doctoral fellows Dr. Niña Cadiz and Dr. Ma. Excelsis Orden. They also assessed the possible areas of future collaboration with the National Institute of Biotechnology (NIAB) through it’s Director General Chang-Ho Chung and Genetic Resources Division Director Tae-San Kim; and with the National Horticulture Research Institute (NHRI), through it’s Director General Il Gin Mok.