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Gender and Development (GAD) Corner

PCAARRD's Gender and Development Program
PCAARRD GAD Vision, Mission, and Goals
Vision: To be the lead agency in promoting and integrating science and technology (S&T) development for optimum growth and equal empowerment of women, men, as well as other gender groups in agriculture, aquatic, and natural resources sectors.

Mission: Foster a gender-responsive environment in agriculture, aquatic, and natural resources sectors through S&T-based innovation, policies, and projects that cater to all stakeholders including women, men, as well as other gender groups.

Goal 1: Enhanced capacity of PCAARRD staff, researchers, agencies, practitioners, communities and other stakeholders in integrating gender concerns and components in project design, monitoring, and evaluation (M&E).

Goal 2: Improved organizational environment that is highly and unequivocally supportive of gender-responsive policies, programs, and projects.

Goal 3: Increased participation and equal access of women and men in Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources sectors to S&T programs/projects that emancipate them socially and economically.